FoF: Tollefson & IPA

Food on Fridays (FoF)
/fo͞od ôn frīdāz/
phrase, often delicious
- Burning Brothers has Food on Fridays!

Chef T=BoneIt’s Friday and we once again are hosting Chef T-Bone from Tollefson Family Pork Farm. They offer all-natural meat products exclusively through Twin Cities farmers markets as well as their food truck and chef’s table. Tonight, T-Bone’s all gluten-free menu includes:

  • Housemade salsa with chips
  • “Adult” Creamy/Spicy Mac n’ Cheese
  • Wrap Du Jur with smoked sausage or sauteed veggie
  • Cottage bacon a la carte

Brewer’s choice bring us Dane’s Fresh Hopped IPA. Warm and smooth alcohol notes combine with earthy/citrusy hop characteristics to deliver a slightly intense yet moderately strong imperial pale ale.  (IBU: 52 ~ ABV: 7.6%)

This weekend’s tap selection:

  • Pyro American Pale Ale
  • Roasted Coffee Ale
  • Fused Cranberry
  • Fused Orange Blossom Honey
  • Dane’s Fresh Hopped IPA (Brewer’s Choice)