Newsletter: At the end of the day, just have a beer

End of the day, worn out brewers drinking a well deserved beer!

While we are firm believers that a beer a day keeps the doctor away (is that a beer for you or for the doctor?), we also acknowledge that there are many people out there who need a reason to drink a beer.

Ask the Brewer

Is there a September beer holiday?

September has one of the most straight forward beer drinking holidays out there.  September 28th is National Drink Beer Day (remember, nothing is stopping you from enthusiastically celebrating it after the fact!).  While the origins of this holiday are unclear, what you do on the day itself is quite apparent.  In order to properly observe it, you can gather a group of friends for a tasting at your home or local establishment, or you can just enjoy your favorite pint on your own.

As you sip your delicious brew, you can think back on the long history of beer, from early human civilizations onward, and its influence in our development.  You can also ponder the fact that there is even one brewery in existence that has been producing beer for over 1,500 years!  The Weihenstephan brewery, located in the Bavarian region of Germany, has been brewing beer continuously since 1040.  Today, the company exports fourteen different styles to locations all over the world.

So, join us (albeit, a bit after the fact) on #DrinkBeerDay.  PROST!

Taproom Tidings

Tap selection for the weekend includes Pyro American Pale Ale, Roasted Coffee Ale, Fused Orange Blossom Honey Ale, Parched Lime Shandy, Raj-Agni India Pale Ale and Raspberry Infused Pyro.

Food options for the weekend include Soup Coupe on Friday (9/30), offering a hearty variety of soups, stews and chilis, and then Wholesoul will join us on Saturday (10/1) with their unique take on “soul food”.

Final Thoughts

Events for this weekend include:

  • On Friday afternoon, our beer will be one of the featured taps at the Kellogg Craft Beer Overlook; this is the final weekend for this outdoor beer garden running in downtown St. Paul that overlooks the river and features live music, food and delivous beverages
  • Also on Friday (9/30) we will be at Roseville’s POUR for Parks to help raise money for new and existing parks within Roseville
  • On Saturday afternoon (10/1) we will be in Walker for the Harvest Moon Festival which features beer and wine tasting, live music, a medallion hunt and the spectacular fall colors of Northern MN

Also around the corner is our third beer pairing dinner with Signature Cafe.  Happening October 9th, this meal will feature a variety of Burning Brothers Beer paired with gluten-free courses.  Contact the restaurant directly for reservations.

On a final note, the more observant drinkers out there may have noticed that both the IPA and the Lime Shandy are packaged in shrink sleeved cans.  That means we slide the can into a sleeve and shrink it prior to filling and sealing it.  If you are the one responsible for sleeving the cans (i.e., Dane and Thom), and aren’t paying close attention, you can sleeve them upside down.  In honor of Dane, who not only had the most upside down cans go through, but is also a self-proclaimed dyslexic, we have created the game “Dyslexic Dane”.  If you find one of these cans in your 4-pack, signed by Dane, bring it in to the taproom and exchange it for a free pint.

As always, if you have questions, drop us a note via Email, Facebook or Twitter.