Burning Beer Club

Beer… It’s not JUST about being a tasty beverage,  it’s also about community, camaraderie and connections. A pint enjoyed with friends and family holds a special place in our hearts. We’ve personally seen some great moments happen here in our taproom. It’s during those moments while drinking a pint of beer that some of our greatest memories and personal bonds have been formed.  We want to continue to encourage and celebrate that sense of togetherness through the Burning Beer Club.

Level 1 – 200 spots available – $150

  • $1 Off all Tulips
  • $2 Off all Pints
  • $2 Off all Grumblers
  • $3 Off all Growlers
  • 10% Off all Bodega Food Items
  • 10% Off all Burning Brothers Merchandise
  • $100 Gift Card to cover your Free Beer
  • 10% Bonus to refill your Beer Club Gift Card (i.e. Spend $50, get $55)

Level 2 – 100 Spots Available – $200

  • You get all the Benefits and Discounts that are listed above
  • You get the new 2022 Beer Club Beerstein that was handcrafted and imported from Germany

* There’s only 100 spots available, so don’t miss out on the 5th anniversary iteration of our Collectible Beer Mug and a spot on the Mug Wall to proudly display your 2022 Beer Club Beerstein

For more information or to sign-up, stop by the taproom, use our contact us page, shoot us an email at info@burnbrosbrew.com, head over to our online store or call 651-444-8882.