Drink like you own it! Here’s your chance to become part of the dream.

If you are here and you’re reading this, you already know that we’ve managed to not only start, but prove there is a HUGE demand for gluten-free beer here in Minnesota. Many of the experts say that the gluten-free lifestyle is much more than just a fad diet, it is here to stay and will continue to grow and expand at a significant rate.

For us here at Burning Brothers, these past six years have been daunting, fulfilling, exhausting and exhilarating… sometimes all at the same time. That being said, the brewing business is a capital intensive industry, and we’ve gotten this far through a combination of loans, personal capital and raw ingenuity. However, to take this brewery to the next level, we need your help!

Burning Brothers has launched a MNvest offering through our friends at Silicon Prairie Portal & Exchange. Silicon Prairie connects start-ups with investors online, allowing non-accredited investors to invest capital in entrepreneurial ventures. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter that provide purely incentives in exchange for money, Silicon Prairie is a platform for SEC exempt investment opportunities. This means we can offer you a genuine investment opportunity in the future of your favorite brewery!

So, what does becoming an investor get you?

Beyond our everlasting adoration and gratefulness, investors will receive:

  • Interest accrues at rate of six percent (6%) for up to five years
  • Distribution respective to the percentage of interests after conversion
  • Option to invest using retirement savings via a self-directed IRA, thereby allowing you to show your support without tying up your day-to-day cash flow
  • Burning Brothers Hat, T-Shirt and Pint Glasses
  • Level 2 Beer Club Membership (VIP Beer Club Mug, discounts on beer, bodega and merchandise, Beer Club Gift Card)
  • Public recognition of your contribution on our website and in our taproom

Click here to review the Business Summary and Investment Opportunity.

To invest click on the link:

This advertisement is for informational purposes only. This offering is being made under the amendment to the Minnesota Securities Act (Minnesota Statutes, section 80A.461) and is directed at Minnesota residents only. All actual offers and sales will be made through the MNvest portal Silicon Prairie at The Department of Commerce is the securities regulator in Minnesota. This advertisement is not the offer.