Investment Update #1

Thank you to everyone that has invested in the brewery, so far we’ve raised almost 1/3 of our total goal! Now that the money is coming in, we’re starting to initiate our game plan as promised in the details of the Investment Campaign: Our first update to share with you is that we hired our new full-time Brewing Assistant.

Why is this important you ask? This is where Thom wants me to say, “That by hiring a full-time Brewing Assistant, they will facilitate in our expanding production, therefore increasing capacity utilization”.

So, what exactly does that mean? That means that with summer just around the corner, we need another body on the Brew Floor to keep up with the ever-growing demands for our delicious Beer offerings as well as our N/A Root Beer. Also, with the increased production, we need another person that has the knowledge and experience to brew and maintain, if not help refine the strict quality standards for all our products. To do these things, we need time and by having another body (not just anybody, but a scientist) on the Brew Floor, we’ll all have the time needed to increase production, expand our product line-up and refine our quality standards.

You’ve talked to Thom and you’ve talked to Dane. Hi guys, Dom here and I would like to take the time to talk to you about our new Brewing Assistant. Please say, “Hello” to Amy Blumke. Many of you may already know Amy. For some time now, Amy has been our much appreciated, but completely underutilized, part-time Key Holder and Taproom Employee. So, why is she our new full-time brewing assistant? Because she has the same emotional attachment to Burning Brothers that I do. But more importantly, besides Cosplaying as a scientist at conventions, she also plays a scientist in real life.

Amy attended college at the Minneapolis Community & Technical College and the University of Minnesota. Subsequently earning a 2-year degree in Biology and a 4-year degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences. During that time Amy learned about and was trained as a Chemist, a Microbiologist, a Transfusion Medicine Specialist and a Hematologist. Luckily for us, Amy expanded and refined her skill set via her previous employer before deciding that she would be happier doing something she loved as she continued her career.

Before working for Burning Brothers, Amy worked for Allina Health in their Central Laboratory. Her position was in a high throughput environment that relied heavily on procedurally accurate efficiency. She took on many rolls ranging from chemical sanitation, to patient sample analysis, to medical equipment repair. “I’ve repaired some crazy medical equipment. Some worth $500,000 each! And I’m fixing six of them at a time. That’s 3 million dollars in equipment!”, she says as she’s shaking her head, looking back on things.

Luckily for us here at Burning Brothers, Amy hated being a Medical Lab Scientist. From the work shifts that had no rhyme or reason, to the management’s lack of principles and priorities, to double the workload because of the lack of people in the field, Amy was unhappy. She even went to Washington to rally for a better working environment, but to no avail. That’s when she knew she needed a change in her career. Little did we know, Amy was just the change Burning Brothers needed as well.

After deciding to leave the medical field, Amy started working for us part time as a taproom key holder, partly because she needed some source of income, partly because she needed to decide the next step in her career and partly because her and her husband Malcolm were here on day one when Burning Brothers opened our taproom and started our journey to become who we are today. The longer she worked here and the happier she became, the more she realized that she had the skill set to be more than just a Beertender.

You see, Amy isn’t just a Scientist, but Amy and her Husband Malcolm are avid home brewers too. They started out brewing beer kits, like most of us do, before writing and perfecting their own recipes. That’s when, much like Burning Brother’s own story, one of the Duo found out they were Celiac. Long story short, not only does Amy know how to brew beer, but she knows how to brew Gluten-free Beer!

As far as we can tell, this was a match made in Gluten-free Beer Heaven. Amy has the knowledge to ensure we maintain our strict quality standards, the ability to adapt to working on, working with, and troubleshooting many of the mechanical issues that may arise, she has the creativity to help write new beer recipes and she has the knowledge to brew Gluten-free Beer.

What more could Burning Brothers ask for? Well, we’ve often joked that we’re just Dorks trying to sell beer. We all bring our own style of randomness to this organized chaos that we call Burning Brothers and Amy is no exception. Like I mentioned earlier, she likes to Cosplay and Yara Greyjoy from the Game of Thrones is her favorite go to character. Beyond the Cosplay, she likes Costuming in general, Musicals, Crafting, D&D, going to the Renaissance Festival and… In a Nutshell, Amy fits in with the Burning Brothers Family as well as a slightly askew peg fits into an irregular hole… Like she was made for this place.

Hiring Amy as a full-time Brewing Assistant is just the first, in a long line of necessities, that we plan on taking care of with the money raised through our MNvest Campaign:, but we still need more! If we’re already able to hire a Gluten-free, Homebrewing Scientist, just imagine what we can do when you invest in Burning Brothers too!

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Thank you very much and Cheers!

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