The self-proclaimed friendly a**hole who brings balance, Dom serves as our Taproom Manager chief conversationalist and general lackey. With a laundry list of experience on the distribution end of the liquor industry, he brings not only some excellent perspective on how that side of the business works, but also a fierce customer service attitude.

Leo with a Cancer rising and an ascending Libra.

Favorite Burning Brothers Beer?
Scorched (this is an off-menu mix of Roasted and Raj-Agni, don’t be afraid to ask for it).

Favorite other beer?
There’s so many, but based on the season we’re currently in, I love Zombie Monkey. It is a robust porter by Tall Grass, and with its tactile grip can, imminently suited for fleeing Zombies without dropping your drink.

Pirates or Ninjas?
Pirates – I’m a pirate! I’d love to be a ninja, but my wife says I’m too loud, so I have to be a pirate.