February Update and Happenings

BBB signing the lease for their gluten-free brewery

We’ve had a pretty kick ass week here at Burning Brothers. Let me outline the events that unfolded:

  1. The architect sent us the completed preliminary site plan. This means we can solicit bids and select a general contractor for the build out.
  2. We got a shout out in the StarTribune (Liquid Assets: Gluten-free beer? Several choices out there) for being the new up and comer in the local GF beer market.
  3. We signed the lease on our brewing space! That’s right, we’ve got a home. We just need to move some plumbing and electric, install equipment and complete the laundry list of other miscellaneous things and then we can start selling beer.

Cheers everyone, the end (or the beginning) is within sight.

Dane, Gabe and Thom