Where can I get your beer?

Tasty Tasty Beer
Where can I get it? 🙁

What is the number one question we get via email?

“Where can I get your beer?”

And while I would like nothing better than to tell people that we have an interactive map on our website that lists everywhere it can be found, sadly that is not the case. You see, besides the fact that we are still building the brewery, there are a few “issues” that we have to navigate.

In most business ventures and entrepreneur classes, they coach that you should “test the waters” and see if there is demand for your product. Unfortunately, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (or TTB for short; they used to be the ATF) feels a bit differently about that practice. The law states (paraphrasing to keep your eyes from bleeding, you can find the details here) that until you hold a brewer’s permit, thou shalt not sell beer. Period. Not even a drop.

Give away, yes. Sell, no.

So, my friends, please bear with us while we jump through the appropriate hoops. We’d hate to do things the wrong way and end up having to go back to the drawing board.

All good things……

Thom, Dane and Gabe