One of the best things to accompany a cold beer is some fine food – but what options do we offer?
Well, here are some of our suggestions assorted to get you and yours fed at Burning Brothers.

First off, we often have food trucks! Any truck that is serving at Burn Bros will be serving Gluten Free while they are on-site – take a look here to get an idea of who will be stopping through on any given day or to plan out your visit ahead of time. Additionally, it’s worth noting that our Bodega is stocked with a wide variety of fine snackables, such as popcorn, pretzels, chips, and much more!

Secondly, we have some stellar recommendations for places in the cities from which you can get great Gluten Free food delivered to our Taproom – take a look here to check out that list!

Third – less as a resource for on-site snacking, but more as a general offering, here is a list of assorted Gluten Free (or friendly) restaurants, bars, and other establishments throughout the Twin Cities. This list is curated by the Twin Cities Gluten Free Facebook group, and we felt it could serve as an excellent resource for many of our patrons.

We hope you can find something splendid to snack on while partaking in one of our many lovely beverages, and as always, if you have questions or seek suggestions, feel free to chat with one of our friendly Taproom Staff.