Why is it called Burning Brothers?

Our founders, Thom and Dane have been lifelong friends who both happen to enjoy the art of fire-eating. While not actually brothers, there is a certain kinship that is formed from blowing fireballs at one another. Thus the name Burning Brothers!

How long have you been brewing?

We brewed our first batch in December of 2013, and our taproom opened in April of 2014. On top of that, our founders had decades of brewing experience under their belts before starting this endeavor.

Are all your beers gluten-free?

Yes! We are 100% dedicated gluten-free facility. All our beers are made with naturally gluten-free grains.

Are all your beers vegan?

Yes they are.

What makes them gluten-free?

We use naturally gluten-free grains such as Sorghum, Millet and Buckwheat.

Are all your food trucks gluten-free?

While serving at Burning Brothers, all food trucks are required to have an exclusively gluten-free menu. We have a list of cleaning guidelines that we send to trucks. This helps avoid any cross contamination and ensures our taproom and food choices can remain gluten-free.

Can I bring in my own food or have food delivered?

We welcome all patrons to bring in their own gluten-free food! Please check with beertender if you have any questions about restrictions. If any gluten containing food is brought in, we will ask you to take it out to your car.

We also have a wide variety of local establishments that are great at catering to our gluten-free community. Foxy Falafel, Sassy Spoon, Pizza Luce, On’s Thai Kitchen are just some of the options available. Please make sure to specify to only have gluten-free food delivered in order to keep everyone in our taproom safe.

Do you sell cans out of the taproom?

In the state of Minnesota, taprooms may only sell beer to go in two container sizes. We offer growlers (a 64oz jug) and grumblers (a 750ml bottle) of most beers we have on tap. We do package our beer in 16oz cans, but those are only available through retailers. Check out our beer finder for a list of all stores and restaurants that carry us!

Is your taproom dog friendly?

We allow all well behaved dogs on a leash in the taproom. To protect our staff and customers we do have to ask to keep all dogs out of the brewhouse and any unruly or unfriendly dogs will be asked to leave.

Is your taproom kid/family friendly?

We know it can be hard to ditch the kids to go out for date night. So we have created a family friendly environment with fun games for everyone to play and a great selection of local craft sodas and snacks to keep the kids happy!

How do I get one of those cool mugs?

Talk to one of your friendly beertenders about how your can join our Beer Club! Enjoy discounted beverages and a beer on us every month! Planning a birthday gathering? Get 4 free beers to share with your friends on your special day!

Can I use my own growler to get a beer fill?

In order to avoid any cross contamination and to help keep our beer celiac-safe, we only use our own growlers for fills.

Do you have plans for a patio?

During the warmer months, we open our loading dock area so that customers can still enjoy the nice weather while tipping back a few pints of their favorite style.