Dude! Somebody changed your logo!

The more observant in the room will have noticed that something (i.e. almost everything) changed with our logo.

While the old logo is near and dear to our hearts, we realized that it just didn’t scale the way we needed it to. Specifically, as we were looking at labeling for cans, growlers and other stuff, we noted that as the image shrunk, all of the lovely detail was lost.

So, after months of diligent research and study (i.e., there was much beer and pizza), and some pretty severe head-butting, we are proud to present you with our shiny new logo! (Don’t feed it after midnight!)


Thom, Dane and Gabe

Friends don’t let friends cut concrete

On Monday, June 3rd, construction began. As you can see, this was just the first of many floor cuts into the brewery to make room for our underground plumbing.

Drainage and plumbing is one of the more critical aspects of the brewery operation. Most people probably don’t realize this, but your average brewery uses water at a ratio of 8 to 1. In other words, it takes about 8 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of beer.

Since then, we’ve been progressing with putting the pipes in place, getting the thumbs up from the appropriate agencies and are nearly ready to put the concrete back on top.

Next up: Walls, doors and windows… oh my!


Dane, Thom and Gabe