At Burning Brothers, we make beer. In fact, we make great beer. In fact, we make really great gluten-free beer. In fact, we make beer so good that Celiacs cry when they taste it.

Why? Because we get it. We’ve been there and we know what you’re going through. Our calling is to bring the freedom to drink beer back to everyone who is gluten-free. We want to not only give you that freedom, but to push the envelope and bring you flavors you’ve never tasted before.

Burning Brothers is committed 100% to gluten-free. We don’t use gluten-free filtering, gluten-free enzymes or any other gluten-free gimmicks. Instead we use naturally gluten-free ingredients to create great-tasting and unique beers for you.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy. You no longer need to fear the beer.


The story

Remember when you were young and the circus came to town and you thought “what a glamorous life” and how you wanted to run away with them? Oh, you mean that was just us?  (awkward silence)

So, uhm, yeah, what exactly do you do with your life once you realize that there is only so much fame and glory to be had by sticking flaming torches in your mouth?

Why start a brewery of course!

Our founders, Dane Breimhorst and Thom Foss have been friends for years, and, as you’ve probably figured out, the brewery gets its name from their old profession, fire-eating. (Yeah, they’re those kind of guys.)

They were already talking about founding the brewery when Dane found out that he had Celiac, which keeps him from having anything that contains wheat, barley, rye or any other grain containing gluten. While coming to terms with this, Dane, a long-time home brewer and professionally trained chef, started exploring gluten-free beers. What could have turned out to be a great personal tragedy has instead become a glorious new discovery for gluten-free beer drinkers everywhere!


The brewery

We are based in Minnesota which has a long tradition of excellent craft breweries. That sets a fairly high mark and we know we have a lot to live up to, but we think we’re up to the task.

Being the only dedicated gluten-free brewery in the Midwest, all we do is gluten-free beer. Why? Because we deserve a choice of flavors and styles when it comes to beer drinking, and so do you.


The brothers

Dane Breimhorst (Sagittarius): Co-founder, head brewer and connoisseur of craft beer. He is the driver behind the styles, flavors and gluten-freeness of our beers. Dane was trained as a professional chef and utilizes that experience to develop both the personality and the flavor in the beers we brew. His knowledge, passion and commitment allows us to bring you nothing short of the best gluten-free beer in the Midwest.

Thom Foss (Capricorn): Co-founder, numbers guy and “voice of reality”. Thom brings years of operational and logistical experience to the team as well as his own deep appreciation for craft brewing. He keeps us focused on the tasks at hand, tracks what’s happening in order to chart our course and ensures we have the tools necessary to produce our award winning beers.