Winter is Going…

…away! What can I say, we’re a Minnesota based brewery, of course we are obsessed with weather. It’s in our DNA (how about a little fire in celebration of that fact).

Here’s a quick note to let people know about a few goings on:

  • Yet another podcast interview, this time with the Apropos of Nothing team. It’s a bit lengthy (2.5 hoursish), but damn did we have a great time with it.
  • We talked with Christa Meland at the Twin Cities Business magazine about the what and why-fors of gluten-free beer in St. Paul
  • We got a shout out from our St. Paul City Councilmember Russ Stark in his newsletter along with our friends over at Urban Growler, Bang Brewing as well as Fair Street (Woot! Let’s grow that beer culture St. Paul!)

As to the rest, we’re still plugging away at finalizing construction estimates and equipment sourcing. While not an exciting step in the process, it’s an important one to get right.


Thom, Dane and Gabe