Grumble about IPA and Fair Food without the masses

Back by popular demand, the Crazy Puppy Gourmet Workshop joins us this Friday at the taproom with their delectable selection of gluten-free fair foods. Why you ask? I think this quote from owner Andrea Hammel Wollak sums it up best:

…surely there are others out there who miss over-indulging in cheese curds, corn dogs and mini donuts, too…

So, you can choose to take a pass on the insanity at the Great MN Get Together and instead get crazy with us here instead.

Also in the taproom we are having a second go round of our Black Strap India Pale Ale. Dane took your feedback from round one and has tweaked this single-hopped IPA to provide a more balanced bitterness while still offering a hint of black-strap molasses.

BBB Grumbler (750ml)Last, but certainly not least, we are pleased to announce the availability of “Grumblers” to our taproom. It’s like the long lost sibling that a growler never knew it had! These 750ml bottles provide the perfect option for that solo take home experience or for when you can’t quite make up your mind over what to fill your growler with.

This weekend’s tap selection:

  • Pyro American Pale Ale
  • Fused Blackberry
  • Fused Lime Shandy
  • Fused Orange Blossom Honey
  • Black Strap India Pale Ale (Pilot Batch)