Newsletter – Golden Firkin and Good Water

Dane – the guy who creates all those delicious beer recipes, posing with the Golden Firkin!

Golden Firkin

We are thrilled to have won Best in Show at the 2015 Border Battle in Somerset Wisconsin this past weekend! Yes, you heard that correctly. BEST IN SHOW! WOOT! The Golden Firkin (our lovely trophy) is proudly on display in the taproom.

Water Quality Month

August is National Water Quality Month, and nothing is more important to good beer than good water! Since beer is over 90% water, the quality of the water drastically affects the quality of the beer.  When you look at the areas that have a large number of breweries, you will find that they also have plentiful, high quality sources of water. So raise and pint and say a toast to water, buz you ain’t gonna have good beer without it. Cheers!

Ask the Brewer

So, who makes your beer?

While there are several people at Burning Brothers who brew the beer, the recipes are created by our (sometimes) illustrious Co-Founder Dane Breimhorst, pictured above.  In order to give you, our loyal followers, a little insight into what makes him tick, we did a short interview with him:

What do you do at Burning Brothers?
As little as possible (with a big grin)!  Seriously though, recipe development, running the brew floor and getting injured on a regular basis (at which point there was a cataloging of the most recent injuries).

What’s the best part of your job?
The reaction from gluten-free people when they try the beer for the first time – it’s very gratifying!

What’s the worst part of your job?
Being torn between the brewery and my family.  The brewery is a huge time commitment, and it pulls me away from my family.  I used to want to go and do things like disc golf or hanging out with friends. Now, with the hours we put in here, when I am done, I just want to go home and hang out with my kids, and see my wife for more than 5 minutes.

What’s your favorite Burning Brothers Beer?
It changes, right now it’s the Blackstrap IPA.

What is your favorite other beer?
Triple Karmeliet… (insert heavy sigh) This was before the Celiac diagnosis of course.

Pirates or Ninjas?
Ninja Pirates, Arghhh – shhhh! (This was said with a laugh)

If you could add one thing to the brewery/taproom, what would it be?
Nitro taps (said with a glint in his eyes).  They would allow us to put Stouts and similar styles on tap with that a wonderful mouth feel.

Taproom Tidings

The taproom has its regular hours, with growler fills available all of the days we are open. Highlights include:

  • Thirsty Thursdays is your chance for $1 off pints and $2 off growler fills
  • Food on Fridays (FoF) brings us Crazy Puppy with their gluten-free fair food that you DON’T have to die for – because it is all gluten-free!
  • Our featured cupcake from Groundswell is their Espresso Turtle, delectable!
  • Tap selection includes Pyro APA, Roasted Coffee Ale, Fused Orange Blossom Honey, Parched Lime Shandy and our ever popular Blackstrap IPA. Growler and grumbler fills on everything.

The Snelling Ave. bridge crossing Interstate 94 is STILL closed. Someday…it will re-open… maybe. We are beginning to lose hope.

This means that access to the brewery from the I-94/Snelling ramps is difficult to non-existent, depending on which direction you are coming from. We recommend using the Cretin/Vandalia exit for the interim.

MN Cup Video

Our MN Cup Video is done and submitted, a huge thank you to Adam, who edited all of the video clips to put together something that really reflects who we are.  Follow this link to take a look!

Final Thoughts

This weekend has the Brew at the Zoo event to tempt people into heading out and having a good time with fellow conservationists and beer enthusiasts.  This is drinking beer for a good cause!  Happening on Friday, the 7th of August, we hope you will join us!

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