Newsletter: Burning Brothers, a Bodega of Bearded Beerness?

No-shave November, not just for mustaches!

With the advent of November comes Movember, the international movement to focus on men’s health issues, as well as have fun growing facial hair.  While Movember started with mustache growing, it has moved on to beards as well, and who better to sport a good beer’d than a brewer!  (beer and beards seem to go together like milk and cookies)

Ask the Brewer

What’s with brewers and beards, it seems like they all have them?

It may seem that in the brewing industry, every month is a no-shave month. Brewery employees, especially brewers, are largely unshaven. There’s actually a joke about how the Great American Beer Festival could do double duty as the Great American Beard Festival.  2 of 3 brewers there are bearded, so we see those beards on a daily basis.

After reading several articles as to why so many brewers skip the razor, including one that asked the collective hive mind of Facebook for their thoughts, a consensus begins to emerge; a lot of brewers come out of some buttoned-down disciplines: engineering, finance, corporate labs.  Some brewers even mentioned having negative comments from other executives in their prior careers.  From that standpoint, a beard is a great way to demonstrate there’s not a dress code anymore.

When you also take into account that creative types have long sported facial hair, and brewing beer is is a creative industry, the likelihood that is will breed beards goes up.  Both of our bearded brewers came from prior jobs in corporate America, yet solidified their friendship out at the MN Renaissance Festival, which checks off both the “done with a dress code” and “creative” boxes.

We would like to point out, however, that it is not necessary to have a beard to brew great beer!  The non-bearded brewers in the industry (including the many awesome women brewers out there) all prove that fact.

Taproom Tidings

Tap selection for the weekend includes Pyro American Pale Ale, Roasted Coffee Ale, Fused Orange Blossom Honey Ale, Cranberry Shandy, Raj-Agni India Pale Ale, Raspberry Infused Pyro (Thursday) and our Chocolate Coconut Stout (starting on Friday, no growler fills).

Food trucks for the weekend are Tatanka on Friday (11/04), with their traditional Native American Fare, and Crazy Puppy on Saturday (11/05) with their  gluten-free fair food, including green beans and onion rings coated in Pyro based batter.

Our cupcake this weekend is Ginger Cardamon Apple, which is a ginger cake with apple filling and cardamon cream cheese frosting.

As always, all food served at the taproom is gluten-free!

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